I create works that evoke fond memories of black life. Through barrettes, beads, Kanekalon hair and other materials I associate with my childhood, I allow myself to grapple through personal memories and bring them into a tangible realm investigated as installations, sculptures and mixed media drawings.

Direct contact with my materials has a great implication on my practice. Being able to be hands on allows me translate the nostalgia in an innocent fashion. Coming from a printmaking background, it can be understood that the “hands on” involvement influences my process as a whole. When brought together, these objects/mediums create an environment that exudes safety, comfortability and a sense of wanderlust.

It is necessary for my work to embrace “black joy”. American media is often hyper-focused on black atrocity and perpetuates the negativity of cultural burdens and the weight that we carry as POC (people of color). Through all the tribulation, happiness can exist; Why isn’t that the focus when discussing the lives of POC? We are much more complex than how we’ve been painted…we are more than a monolith.